The portfolio section houses project artifacts associated with a few of my more recent endeavors. You’ll see projects in user testing, site mapping, prototyping, and more.

During my graduate school program at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, I participated in applied projects in Interface and Interaction Design, Information Architecture, and Evaluation of Systems and Services, among many others.  For the first – Interface and Interaction Design – my team designed software for a TechSmith project with the goal of supporting business people during meetings.  It was meeting software UI design, an existing example of which would be GoToMeeting.

For the second – Information Architecture – I designed a Variorum for James Joyce documents, the primary user group consisting of hypothetical James Joyce literary scholars.

For the third – Evaluation of Systems and Services – my team evaluated the Website of the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology.  For this project, we created a project plan, designed an Interaction Flow Map with Adobe Illustrator, conducted Heuristic Analyses, Competitive Evaluations, and a Survey, and ran several Usability Test sessions.

The outcome for all three examples were the deliverables mentioned, as well as final presentations demonstrating the findings of our research.  These projects are not featured here using UI screenshots because they are not my most recent projects.  However, I want to mention them to emphasize the extremely close focus on applied learning my graduate school program had, and continues to have.

That said, I’ll now say thanks for visiting!